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Curtain Tracks

Curtains2bedding are leading suppliers of curtain tracks. Supplying domestic and contract curtain tracks across the UK. Buy Online and get quick delivery.

Ceiling Mounted Tracks

Cubicle Curtain Track

£99.00 Inc Vat
£150.00 Inc Vat
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£3.84£53.99 Inc Vat
£77.50£120.00 Inc Vat
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£4.20£19.19 Inc Vat

Ceiling Mounted Tracks

Heavy Duty Metal Curtain Track

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£4.20 Inc Vat
£5.39 Inc Vat

Curtain tracks are the perfect way to decorate and add a touch of sophistication to your home. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Curtain tracks are available in a variety of materials such as metal and plastic plastic

Metal curtain tracks are the most popular choice for bay windows or heavy duty curtains because they can support curtains that weigh up to 40kg.

When buying curtain tracks it is important to buy based on quality. Here at Curtains2bedding we only supply products that we have sold for years and will only supply quality products.

Our low cost solution is very popular on Amazon and sells very well for light to medium weight curtains inside a bay window.

For our heavy duty options, we supply a selection of kits and made-to-measure curtain tracks. These are made to your exact sizes and will fit your window perfectly.

You should start by measuring your window reveal and then calculating the approximate stack back of the curtains. This equates to 25% of the overall length of the track. So if you need a track for a window reveal that is 200cm then you will need approximately 50cm of stack back. Or if you are using wave curtains then the stack back will be approimately 20cm per metre. Thus 40cm.