Acoustic Curtains

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Sound proof curtains are a great way to reduce noise from the outside world that is invading your personal space. When you have a noisy neighbor or a close-by a motorway, sound proof curtains can surely help.

Soundproof curtains work as barriers to all the noise that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis. They can reduce noise from your room whether it is coming from inside or outside. Reducing noise will make for an overall more peaceful and enjoyable experience in your home environment.

Sound proof curtains can be treated with acoustic products such as insulation and padding to further enhance their sound reduction abilities.

Noise is a significant problem in the world today. It is a distraction that wastes our time and energy. In order to reduce noise, we need to find ways to keep it from getting inside our head.

Many people find the noise of two voices on a crowded train unbearable. But if you’re listening to a podcast or an audio book, your brain can process the audio stream as speech and ignore the background noise.

Using Curtains2bedding Sound Proof curtains absorb the sound and also block it from entering and leaving your space.

They are certified to ENISO 354 absorption as a C Rating

they are certifed as an insulator as a room divider to 10db with layer or lining and 13db with 2 layers.

Soundproof curtains are a cost-effective way to keep out unwelcome noise. They are a low-cost solution for noisy places such as apartment buildings, schools, churches and offices.

If soundproof curtains are too expensive, you can also use insulation materials to insulate the space between your window and your wall or ceiling. The materials will help reduce noise from outside.